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Chapter 12: The Vault Door


We love receiving art inspired by Snow by Night, and we thought we should share some of these pieces with you. Click on a thumbnail to see the full piece as well as a link to the artist's homepage.

Mathilde with Fan, by Nadja Snow-by-Night and Snowflakes, by Zelas Heartless Shadow, by Marie August Mathilde with Knave, by Jennifer Zyren Smith Convince Me, by Andrea Bell Blaise and the Arctic Fox, by Whitney Delaglio A Spirit of Snow and Ice, by Eren Fitzgerald Snow in Motion, by Yan 'Kern' Gagne Mother of Pearl, by Inqling Mathilde's Fans, by Christina Major Deadly Balance, by Julie A. Wright Snow Dance, by Jennifer Zyren Smith Rap Scallion, by Rachael Hixon Snow Storm, by Ben Thornton Cold Comfort, by Will Friday High Wire Act, by Landon Franklin Summoning Snow, by Garth Graham Snow-by-Night in Watercolors, by Annie Stoll

Art Contest

In March 2013 & 2014, we held an Art Contest. We asked interested artists to illustrate any one (or more) of our characters in whatever style, pose, or medium they choose. We then paired the entrants off and allowed our fans to vote for their favorites to determine the winner.

Amasugiru Cristina Marin Delphina Janel Heighton Jennifer Middleton Jennifer Zyren Smith Jesse Bechtold Jose Ortiz Laura Hollingsworth Li Mei Ren Manou Azumi Melissa Teo Minuiko NausicaaHime Nomadic-Damon-G Pchoberry Rein Eire Robin Dempsey Shawna Alkire Stefan Petrisor Tigershark Amasugiru Alice Bourdykina Jelobniouk Laura Chilson Delphina Monica Marier Reba McNeill Olivia Jean Tovath Luke Yerpe Jennifer Zyren Smith

Concept Art

When we switched pencillers, Julie did some concept art of the characters before she started working on the comic. Check out her work!

Blaise Redesign - Sketch Blaise Redesign - Color Blaise Redesign - Headshots Jassart Redesign - Sketch Jassart Redesign - Color Jassart Redesign - Headshots Snow-by-Night Redesign - Sketch Snow-by-Night Redesign - Color Snow-by-Night Redesign - Headshots Mathilde Redesign - Sketch Mathilde Redesign - Color Mathilde Redesign - Headshots Ald Redesign - Sketch Ald Redesign - Color Ald Redesign - Headshots Vivienne Redesign - Sketch Vivienne Redesign - Color Vivienne Redesign - Headshots Cienan Redesign - Sketch Cienan Redesign - Color Cienan Redesign - Headshots Jacqueline Redesign - Sketch Jacqueline Redesign - Color Jacqueline Redesign - Headshots Toothy Kit - Final Design Distant Smoke - Final Design Defiant Elk - Final Design


Sometimes we have art for special occasions - please take a look below!

2012 Holiday Portrait of Blaise 2012 Holiday Portrait of Mathilde 2012 Holiday Portrait of Jassart 2012 Holiday Portrait of Snow-by-Night 2012 Holiday Portrait of Ald 2012 Holiday Portrait of Vivienne


Reviews, stories, interviews, and podcasts. Sometimes Snow by Night or its creators are featured on other sites. We've gathered the links here for you.

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