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Snow-by-Night Redesign - Headshots

Snow-by-Night Redesign - Headshots
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Snow-by-Night Preview 3

May 22nd, 2014

After a long and perilous journey, Eric and I have arrived at Animazement for the weekend! We had to trek past 5 car accidents, 4 tornado warnings, 3 flash flood warnings, 2 assumed-to-be-drunk drivers, and a partridge in a pear tree. Please swing by and say hello if you’re attending; we may not survive the journey home.

To finish up the week of Snow-by-Night’s redesign previews, check out Julie’s headshots of Snow-by-Night here. Next week we’ll bring you some sneak peeks of Mathilde!



    I loved meeting you at Animazement! Hope you had as much fun as I did! Can’t wait until the next chapter!


      Thank you so much for stopping by the table. It was great to meet you and all the other anime fans in Raleigh.

    I’m totally in love with the two male character redesigns, and I loved the first sketch of Snow. I really liked the colors in the second redesign, which was the point of the drawing, as I understand it.

    I definitely enjoy her various expressions in these drawings, but I do find myself missing some of Snow’s angles, especially her sharp chin. I realize it’s a re-design, and that these are sketches, so they’re not finished drawings. To me, they feel a little generalized here (well yeah, they’re sketches, of course). But her features are more rounded, giving her a sort of Disney-princess vibe. The reason I think I liked some of her previous sharper angles, is that they remind me of icicles, of icy things, cold things. In the first redesign image of Snow, regarding her face, I particularly liked the defined cheek bone, the square-ish jaw, straighter nose, and overall face proportions.


      I totally agree with you on the Disney vibe. She shares with (most of ?) the princesses the young age and what I can only describe as a lack of fierceness. She’s too… innocent.

      Again, I attribute that to the bigger eyes and the rounder face.


      Julie is looking to make Snow-by-Night a bit more reflective of the natives of Everique. The change in costume reflects this. Looking at her other sketchwork, Monday’s sketch reflects Snow-by-Night’s facial features in Chapter 9.


    I think one of the biggest things that stands out for Snow is her angular face and cheekbones. The full body picture from Wednesday didn’t capture it as well, but these do a better job.

    Bill Meahan

    Does all this redesign mean Brittany is leaving? She will be greatly missed if so.


    I think she’s physically different but you definitely caught her character and personality!


    Snow looks really pretty! I love the redesign! While I think it’s quite different from what she looked like before, I really do love her new look anyway <3


    Hey! I’ve loved seeing the redesigns! When will we see the next installment of this captivating series?

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