Chapter 11, Page 1


The observant ermine manitou who is a child of Father Winter.

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Chapter 11 Page 1

July 5th, 2015

And we are back from hiatus! It’s been a bit longer on the return than I anticipated. Naty is doing much better. Thank you all for sending the well wishes. She greatly appreciates them. She’s ready to continue her excellent work coloring this chapter.

Today’s update is Page 1 of Chapter 11. In this chapter, we will meet another power in the colonial wilderness of Everique — the Liranequois nation. This required a lot of research to get right. For this cover, Julie drew a lot of inspiration from George Catlin’s Snowshoe Dance at the First Snowfall. This classic piece was painted in 1841 and is on display at the Smithsonian.

Also, Kristina Badhand has agreed to illustrate the vignette for Chapter 11. She is the artist for the comic Kaui as well as the Managing Editor for Native Realties Press. I’m pleased to have her as part of the team and I’m looking forward to seeing what she does with the next vignette.

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Hiatus Update #3

July 1st, 2015

Hi everyone! Hiatus Update #3 here. I’m busy working on filling all the Kickstarter rewards that I promised. This past week I put together the offline Almanac, which is a snap shot of the Almanac as of June 2015. It’s 97 pages long and I still need to add the artwork.

We’re still on track to return next Monday with Chapter 11. Until then, here is the character design for Defiant Elk, who is the third major character we meet in the upcoming chapter. To our American readers, have a great holiday!

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Hiatus Update #2

June 22nd, 2015

Hi everyone. Thank you for all the well wishes for Naty. I’ve passed them on. She’s taking things slowly at the moment. She still wants to keep coloring for me, for which I’m very grateful. For now, I’m anticipating that we’ll be back from our hiatus on July 6. This week’s character design is Distant Smoke, who is the second new character we meet in Chapter 11.

In Volume 2 news, I have accepted the printer’s proof for the volume files. It looks so beautiful. I can’t wait to feel the book in my hands, but that’s weeks — probably months — away.

For Father’s Day, I visited a reconstruction of the Hermione — a French frigate that carried Lafayette from France to the American colonies. It also saw a lot of action, helping the colonial continental army and the nearly non-existant continental navy. You can see the pictures on Snow by Night’s facebook page. You can also learn more about this amazing ship on the Hermione site.

Only a few days left in Juiie’s Kickstarter for Riven Seal. If you haven’t already, please give her your support.

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Hiatus Extended

June 18th, 2015

Hi gang,

Some good news and then some bad news.  the volume is almost done. I submitted the files to the printer yesterday. I have a few minor fixes to make from their proofing, but it will be done this week. Also, I made some minor edits to the lettering for a few of the pages in Volume 2. Diane will be uploading those shortly.

Second, the bad news. Naty has a concussion and is under doctor’s orders to limit her electronic usage. So she’s going to be taking it easy for a little bit. I will need to extend the hiatus by two weeks to Monday July 6. I’m hoping that some rest and time will result in a speedy recovery.

Until then, I’m going to upload the design image of one of our new characters that we’ll be introducing in Chapter 11 every Monday. The first up is Toothy Kit. She’s a member of the Liranequois nation, and she loves walnuts glazed with maple syrup. The rest you’ll found out when we begin next month.


One last update before the hiatus. This one covers the last of Team Manitou from the vignette — Eyes-like-Night.

I’ll be working on Volume 2 while Julie draws Chapter 11. Expect lots of updates over on the Kickstarter campaign. Also, I’ll be at AwesomeCon next weekend with the Reverie crew. We’re at Booth 900.

AwesomeCon Floor Plan

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Plays-in-Waves hides the spirit mask in the depths on Page 10 of A Berry from the Sun. This concludes our vignette. My thanks to Cari Corene for a magnificent job on the art.

I need to take a brief hiatus as I prepare for Chapter 11 and get Volume 2 prepped for printing. I’m planning on returning June 22. Until then, I’m going to do periodic updates showing some of the new character designs. To see a preview of another of the new characters, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Cari’s Kickstarter for Floral Frolic continues. Only 6 days in and they’re 83% of the way there. Go Cari go!


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