A Berry from the Sun, Page 10


The observant ermine manitou who is a child of Father Winter.

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One last update before the hiatus. This one covers the last of Team Manitou from the vignette — Eyes-like-Night.

I’ll be working on Volume 2 while Julie draws Chapter 11. Expect lots of updates over on the Kickstarter campaign. Also, I’ll be at AwesomeCon next weekend with the Reverie crew. We’re at Booth 900.

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Plays-in-Waves hides the spirit mask in the depths on Page 10 of A Berry from the Sun. This concludes our vignette. My thanks to Cari Corene for a magnificent job on the art.

I need to take a brief hiatus as I prepare for Chapter 11 and get Volume 2 prepped for printing. I’m planning on returning June 22. Until then, I’m going to do periodic updates showing some of the new character designs. To see a preview of another of the new characters, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Cari’s Kickstarter for Floral Frolic continues. Only 6 days in and they’re 83% of the way there. Go Cari go!


The firebird is trapped inside the earth on Page 9 of A Berry from the Sun. The plan of Eyes-like-Night worked and the corrupted manitou has withered away. We’re rapidly reaching the conclusion of this vignette. Chapter 11 is on the horizon. We’ll be meeting several new characters in Chapter 11. See one of them for yourself when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

If you’ve enjoyed the artwork for this vignette, Cari Corene and Amanda Coronado are running a Kickstarter campaign for her new book Floral Frolic. It’s amazingly adorable. Check it out! It’s a Kickstarter Staff Pick.


Almanac – Sings-to-Moon

May 15th, 2015

This week’s Almanac entry is Sings-to-Moon, the wolf manitou. It’s been a long day of water sealing the deck so short entry today. Have a great weekend all!

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The manitou trap the firebird beneath the cape on Page 8 of A Berry from the Sun. Whether or not they can hold him, is another story. If you’d like to see Cari’s sketch for this page, vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics. it’s a neat insight into her process.

Reverie Comics will be at AwesomeCon in two weeks! That is coming up scary fast. We’re having members coming from near and far, including Florida and Ontario. This is a great chance to meet a lot of us in person and get some great comics while you do so.

Reverie Comics at AwesomeCon


Sings-to-Moon lures the firebird into the caves on Page 7 of  A Berry from the Sun. You may have recognized Cape Adamant in this story. Or Cap Diamant, as it’s called in the real world. You might also know that there aren’t any caves in the cape. Again, you would be correct. That’s one of the reasons I went with fantasy. So there could be caves under that rock. To see a glimpse of what happens next, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.


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