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Chapter 18, Scene 7

August 30th, 2019

Chapter 18, Scene 7

At long last, the final scene of Chapter 18, Scene 7.┬áIt’s been non-stop hurdles going up in the way of these pages. From Steph stepping down to Diana having emergency dental surgery this week. My thanks to Diana for helping me post these while still recovering. She’s a trooper!

Anyway Snow’s back! And she’s one step closer to completing her quest!



    Wow Snow looks just magnificent!! Poor Blaise it wasn’t dream man, it was a true nightmare of the path your friend is going down. It is nice to see Snow on step closer to her goal.

    Philip Lyons

    My compliments to your art team, you made the already stunning Snow look even better.
    Further compliments to the writer(s?). I’ve been watching this story unfold for years now and every page is worth reading. Even the non-actiony bits remain interesting.


    Wow! Love Snow’s new look! So glad you’re still pushing through with telling the story. This is good stuff.


    I’m very sorry for all the troubles your team is going through. As for me, the wait was worth it! I check this site every week for a new update.


    He’s not her heart? … well, at least she will have some time, as if I remember correctly, when she finds her heart she’s gonna get timeout …

    Eric Munson

    *rereads prophecy*
    *smile and nod*

    Snow is looking lovely with a little warmth to her cheeks. The upcoming showdown with Jassert is going to be intense…


    Woof woof.

    Howl, even.


    Not made of snow any more then. Does that mean she is mortal now?

    Judith Bradford

    I’m so happy to see an update! This story is compelling and the art gorgeous and thank you, new creative team members, long may you reign!

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