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Chapter 18, Scene 6

May 3rd, 2019

Chapter 18, Scene 6

It’s the penultimate scene of the chapter! Jassart meets an old friend, but doesn’t listen to him. Is this how spirit journeys are supposed to go?

Julian and Steph are busy working on the final scene of this chapter. There’s a dramatic reveal when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics!



    Anyone else wondering where everyone has gone?


    Plot twist: Blaise and Snow are now trapped in the Hunting Grounds. This realization wakes up Jassart and shows him his error, and he must n0w free them. However, as Talons-That-Seeks spirit dancer, he must not show his intentions.

    What does “our wants will coincide” mean? Does Talons-That-Seek control Jassart’s mind, or can Jassart influence his desires?


    Hm, given that Blaise is off on a spirit path somewhere I suppose that could really be him, rather than a memory. Only the real Blaise would go round poking people like that to see who was real.


    First point way to go on illustrating how someone who is vindictive and blames everyone else reacts when a person they care about says they are going down a bad path. It was well done. I have seen that first hand. Jassart was expecting him to just agree and be on his side, but the spirit is a spirit now and the old man was a very kind, wise, and compassionate person in life.

    The angle his mentor took of I gave you knowledge. Is a very direct and truthful one. When he rants about the tools the truth is he could have gone elsewhere with his knowledge and got a new job and started over. Blaise obviously realizes and yet he still justifies his actions to suit himself. Ignoring the advice because he is right. His they stole everything so I made them pay showcases this perfectly. The fire consuming the only other real voice of reason to me is showing him falling farther.

    Seeing Blaise in there and Jassart’s it is all your fault while denying his own greed got people killed and him hurt shows if he is facing things on his quest. He is just facing them in the fashion that makes him a perfect destructive vessel for Talons that will eventually be consumed. At this point his inevitable downfall isn’t tragic it is of his own making, his own mentor tried to give him a chance to turn back in his vision quest. He just justified it with because I didn’t get what I wanted this make it right. His mentor and Blaise try talk him into taking a different course, but he is a classic case of I want what I want, I am right, and I don’t care who I have to hurt to get what I desire.


    Alcide: “They took all the inheritance. Damn, what did you do, boy?”
    Jassart: “Oh, I burned them to death and stole their money. You should have seen their faces. Aren’t you proud?”


    I was wondering what Blaise was doing all this time. Also, Jassart, you may want to display a greater range of reactions than “I was right and YOU ALL are wrong!” If you want anything out of your association with Talons than wanton destruction, that is. (Then again, you may not, your emotional maturity in the face of adversity is a bit underdeveloped in that regard)


    That was a long scene. Thanks for all the pages! I’m looking forward to perhaps seeing a new look for Snow.

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