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Jassart Redesign - Colors

Jassart Redesign - Colors
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Jassart Preview 2

May 13th, 2014

Diane here again to bring you Naty’s colors for Jassart’s redesign. Those clothes look like a bit of an upgrade… and show that Jassart has also discarded the matching sashes of his crew.

On Friday we’ll be posting some headshots of Jassart by Julie, and then next week we’ll present Snow-by-Night’s redesign!



    Dang. Jassart’s stylin’, yo. Or whatever the kids are saying these days.


    Doesn’t mind being a kept man, eh? While his past partner looks as if he’s joined a crew of trappers, or, oh my, is traveling north solo, perhaps to seek help from a shaman, or the Old Father himself. Sorry, I’m a costumer-I can’t help but speculate what kind of script a costume is good for . . .


    Were those sashes the bluish-grey ones they wore?


      Yes! The sashes are particularly useful for hiding inner pockets for things like thieves’ tools.


    Looks to me like he’s sportin’ a new burn-scar, too.

    Captain Cutlass

    Confound ye n’ yer impeccable artistic prow’ss! Ye be makin’ Jassart look so devilish n’ strappin’ that even I may be takin’ a swing ta him! Giavere’s Gaze, Naty, ye scoundrel. XD

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