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Birds of a Feather Page 10

April 29th, 2014

The boys arrange for the sale of the smuggled brandy on Birds of a Feather page 10. And look who’s hip deep in the purchase of all those illegal spirits. She also has an eye for talent and likes what she sees in the blond newcomer.

We’re at the end of Volume 2 so there aren’t any preview images to share with you as a vote incentive. But if you like Snow by Night, please consider voting for us on Top Web Comics.

As I announced on Monday, Snow by Night will be taking a hiatus until June 30. We’ll be picking up with Chapter 9 at that time. Brittany is heading off to seek new horizons (check out her Etsy Store!) so Julie Wright is joining our team as line artist. Naty remains our colorist.

Starting next Monday, we’ll be upload concept sketches that Julie has created for us. Check back with us on Mondays and Wednesdays during the hiatus to see what great things are coming at the end of June.



    Hey, just a heads-up – when clicking on the comic image it brings us to the most recent page, rather than the first page of chapter 9. The “Next” button directs to the right page though, so not a big deal I guess. Still trawling through the archives slowly, enjoying the ride thoroughly, thank you :)


    Started reading this comic a couple days ago. Beautiful art and an intriguing storyline! Will keep my eye on this project.


    Lovely vignette. Can we please get back to Snow? I began reading “Snow by Night” for her story, and kept doing so to see where and how it wound up. I have not gotten to see that story for the last 5 weeks.


      Snow’s story returns in Chapter 9. We’re on a brief hiatus while our new artist finishes her concept designs and starts drawing the pages. We’ll be starting Chapter 9 on June 30. Until then, I’ll be posting characters designs so that you can see what’s coming.

    Tim M

    Going to miss this for the next 2 months :( Have a good break and good luck to Brittany.
    Also, I forgot to say earlier that it was nice to meet y’all at AwesomeCon. :)

    i’m gonna miss the shit outta this comic but i’ll be around when you come back. at least it’s a short hiatus xD


    Bye, Brittany~! ^_^ It’s been an absolute delight having you as the line artist for all these years. You’ve done amazing work, and we can all agree on that. Best of luck out there in whatever you choose to do! I’m sure you’ll be a hit!

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