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Jassart Redesign - Sketch

Jassart Redesign - Sketch
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Jassart Preview 1

May 11th, 2014

Hello, everyone, web-alchemist Diane here reporting in for duty while Eric’s away! Continuing our previews of Julie and Naty’s redesign for the main cast, today I bring you a sketch of Jassart. You may notice the fire has left its mark.

(Is this pose ‘Phantom of the Opera’ enough for you, Dargor?)

I’ve also rearranged the preview pages so that now each image is on a separate page connected to the Journal post, so you can continue to leave comments on the previews until we come off hiatus.

As with last week’s sneak peek, I’ll post Naty’s colors for Jassart on Wednesday and some headshots by Julie on Friday. Next week, you get to see our titular character’s redesign! I know I’ve been missing Snow-by-Night. Do you think the fire’s changed her, too?



    actually, this has a “Michael Jackson” vibe to it.


    I am LOVING all the new redesigns! Jassart is smokin’ hot here hehe *u* I’m excited to see some colored versions of him, and of course I’m most excited to see Snow-by-Night’s redesign!! :D

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