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Enduring Earth Page 6

February 28th, 2018

Enduring Earth Page 6

Another lovely page by the incredibly talented K. Lynn Smith of Plume!

Sings-to-Moon is not just elusive. She’s also suspicious, cautious, and patient. See that patience in action when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics!



    Again Sings-to Moon looks so cute here. Ahh can’t get enough of them cuteness.

    So…. apparently, I’ve been reading Fullmetal Alchemist too much…. I tried reading panels 3-4 speech bubbles from right to left at first, and it was a little confusing. XD

    Most surprising, it took me several attempts to figure out what was wrong. 0_o

      FMA is pretty awesome! I’m glad you got re-oriented. I haven’t tried to read SbN from right to left yet. I would think, it would be a very bizarre story.


    So spirits can feel loss, they just don’t connect with humans as well as each other. I want to know if Sings-to-Moon can help, since she lost her hand helping her with this.


      Of course they don’t connect well to humans – human lives are short as fruit flies to them.

      Also, I see what you did in that last panel. I love a good pun (really), but it seems out of place in this comic, and especially at this moment.

        I’m not entirely sure, so I’ll assume that your comment is directed at the page itself and not at one of the commenters. There is no pun on this page. The image of the seal is a reference to Plays-in-Waves, a seal manitou, who hid the mask away at the end of A Berry from the Sun back in Chapter 10.

    Jim Baerg

    Is that the ‘seal of approval’ in the last panel?

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