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Plays-in-Waves hides the spirit mask in the depths on Page 10 of A Berry from the Sun. This concludes our vignette. My thanks to Cari Corene for a magnificent job on the art.

I need to take a brief hiatus as I prepare for Chapter 11 and get Volume 2 prepped for printing. I’m planning on returning June 22. Until then, I’m going to do periodic updates showing some of the new character designs. To see a preview of another of the new characters, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Cari’s Kickstarter for Floral Frolic continues. Only 6 days in and they’re 83% of the way there. Go Cari go!



    Those watercolours were an absolute treat and a privilege. Thank-you to all involved in crafting this beautiful and, I feel, highly portentous vignette.


    Did you perhaps mean July 22?


      No, I meant June 22. Unfortunately, my colorist had a medical emergency that I discussed here. My current plan is to return next Monday July 6. Until then, I’m sharing character designs for some of the new characters showing up in Chapter 11.

    I ment no* minatou near town

    I’d like to point out that he ate other spirits. Now who else have we seen that was like that? … maybe when snow-by-night went into the church… maybe someone has another sunberry or the mask and that is why there are minatou near town.. Just saying.

    Scythe Massakur

    I like this comic greatly. Several of the characters remind me of old friends…


    Just finished the archive, and I LOVE the series! The setting, the spirits, the alchemy, not to mention the complex, dynamic characters. All great.

    Looking forward to the continuation. When will the current hiatus end?


      “I need to take a brief hiatus as I prepare for Chapter 11 and get Volume 2 prepped for printing. I’m planning on returning June 22”


    I loved this story — my favorite vignette so far. And the watercolor work is just superb. Great job, guys! :)

    Robert Parry

    Why do I get the feeling that the same mask featured rather heavily in Chapter 2 … in which case it’s already out in the open, and just waiting to cause trouble (again) !


      I don’t think so. I could be wrong, but I don’t see Snow-By-Night giving something like that to Chugan for any reason.

      The other mask may have power, but not like this.

    Bravo! This was REALLY well handled! I love the way this played out!


    Oh marvellous. There’s a weapon of mass destruction buried under the town and Jassart and Vivienne will be digging it up at the very first opportunity. What can possibly go wrong?


      I like to think.both of them, while ambitious, are not Too Dumb to Live.


        Neither of them are dumb. But I get that horrible suspicion that they are not as smart as they think they are either.

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