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Enduring Earth Page 5

February 26th, 2018

Enduring Earth Page 5

I’ll let Vivienne speak for herself.

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    I love the character development that Vivienne has gone through this last arc especially this breakdown. She had positive traits of pride, drive, and desire to protect her homeland, but were mired with negative ones like conceit bordering on arrogance, glory seeking, risk taking, and thoughtlessness(not quite the word I’m looking for, but it’ll do) and now its come back to bite her in the worst way possible. She thought it would that simple to manipulate Jassart and control the fire spirit, but she didn’t bank on things spiraling out of control like that. And the one that gets saddled with the grueling bill, her best friend and confidant who was worried and looking out for her now has to suffer for her mistakes and lies.

      Introverted Chaos

      Maybe ‘nearsightedness’ instead of ‘thoughtlessness’?
      And thank you for this discussion. I feel like it’s way to easy for readers to dismiss Viv as reckless and glory-seeking while overlooking her intelligence, courage, and genuine desire to protect her people. I find her an interesting and complex character, and I look forward to seeing how she develops throughout the story.


    “That can be arranged. Do you still want to be able to feel it when your hand itches on her wrist?”

      Introverted Chaos

      Somehow this is even more thematically appropriate given that I just spent twenty minutes watching RiffTrax clips…


    Of course Manitou have feelings–“You are pack with her.”

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