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Chapter 13 Page v7

BUNNIES! So many bunnies! Are they cuter than the snakemen? Or the bears? You be the judge! I should put up a poll. I’m totally going to do that later today on Twitter.

Mittie has been incredible on this vignette. Vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics and you can see her sketch for the next page.



    I think they are same as the natives…. 5 groups that were nasty at war with each other till a peacemaker, then still have to trade because other groups of natives will gain edge in war. You make a treaty with one native group and others won’t think it applies to them.

    Only real difference shown is the new people had higher levels of tech, could work metal, etc which doesn’t make them more of animals.


      In real life Amish, Hutterites, Mennonites, etc somehow manage to successfully survive and multiply despite being self secluded into small self sufficient communities with sometimes tech that is behind…

      IMO the weakness for the natives is losing self sufficiency, becoming dependent on others, “unemployed”… seen young white boys/men fall into same problems and end up with similar end results.


        You. You get….a cookie.


        That struggle for self sufficiency will be a tension throughout the remainder of Snow by Night. The struggle continues today, which is why I’m sponsoring Indigenous Comic Con – to help shine the light on the many talented native creators we have in this country.


          There are plenty that struggle and there are just as many that don’t and live well off. Gila River in Phoenix AZ is actually well off, where as if you go to the Navaho nation they do struggle. (My judgment is solely based off personal experience and the few people I interacted with so I admit I could be wrong that aside) Their a people and culture in many ways that were displaced Trail of Tears anyone. It is sad, that many tribes are facing their disappearance of their culture and way of life. They won’t be first and they won’t be the last one day our own culture might be a footnote in a history book.


    . . . what about a bunnysnake? Bunsnake? Serpentbun? Serbun?

      Introverted Chaos

      ‘Bunnysnake sounds like an obscure Avatar: the Last Airbender critter…


      Personally, I’d have classified them as snakebunnies, but bunnysnake works too. They may have looked like not-quite-as-ferocious bears, but behavior-wise I think a mix of snakes and bunnies pretty much nails it.

      Also, once again, this artist’s work is perfect, perfect, perfect for this story!


    The rabbits are cute. I still liked the cute snakes better. :3


    Wombats, obviously. I don’t see how this is even a question. ;-)


    I’d have classified them as bears; however, history shows them to have been snakes.


    Hmm, a poll, eh? Well, here goes then:

    #1 – Bears. Of course.
    #2 – Bunnies.
    #3 – Snakes (Even though they are cute snakes, still third. Sorry.)

    I don’t Twit, Tweet, whatever, so you’ll have to suffer my obnoxious post. :)

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