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Chapter 13 Page v6

Time to talk Snakemen, as Defiant Elk takes control of the story! The snakemen aren’t the last option for the Elders to discuss. Mittie shows us what else is being considered when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics. Bounce, bounce, bounce!




    Got to admit the snakes are cute, and no one in charge…oh boy.


    I was wondering if they decided for people more for the bear qualities or the snake qualities . . . then I saw the voting incentive . . .



    Seems like Elk has a minor case of the butthurt…:)


    Sorry, Elk, but your snakes are even cuter than Kit’s bears.


    And all I can think about when I see snakes with neckties (or anything like it, such as scarves) are the Attorney Drones from Schlock Mercenary, which makes for a very interesting train of thought. :D


    Yeah Hissing contests are an accurate global statement.


    The green snake in the last panel looks like it’s blowing a raspberry.


    Snakes have always been some of my favorite animals, and these are adorable with their little hats and neckties. :)


    Stop girling up the story with your cute bears!

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