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Chapter 12 Page 1

November 29th, 2015

Welcome back, everyone. I hope you had a good holiday or a nice weekend if you didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. We begin with a splashy cover on Page 1 of  Chapter 12 The Vault. So many hints on that cover. We’ll be getting to some nightwork and lots and lots of secrets in this chapter.

But first we have to go see what’s up with Blaise and Defiant Elk. To see a preview of how that’s going, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.


    Eric Munson

    Well, THAT’s not ominous at all…


    time to play “GUESS THE SHADOW!!”

    Falling Star

    I just got so exited for almost no reason.

    Falling Star

    Wait, is that…
    Oh sweet manitous, everyone run.

      Worldbridge Creations

      I agree… The ominous male shadow HAS TO BE Jassart… And I’m betting that the ominous female one is going to be a secretly badass Pénélope Gâteau or a very pissed-off Jacqueline.

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