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Chapter 13 Page 18

July 13th, 2016

Morantine scouts prowl through the woods on Chapter 13, Page 18. When you have a large army on the march (or row, in this case), you need to haveĀ scouts sweeping your flanks to make sure you’re not marchingĀ into an ambush. Ask General Braddock about that one.

Two of the junior members of the scouts are up to something. See them plot when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.


    Introverted Chaos

    Actually, whacking a few scouts might not be the worst idea, if they want to help Sherbourg. A missing scouting party might very well warn the attackers off. It makes them suspicious that their cover’s been blown and the enemy is alerted to their presence.


      nah. that’s when police or the military call in for reinforcements. last thing we need to do is let them know we know they’re coming, and we are capable of whacking a few off.

      i like the bear idea – throw them in with some bears!


    Hey, I have an idea! Let’s send Snow out to be all magical, scary & “WHO DARES ENTER MY PRESENCE”. That’ll scare them off…right?

    Falling Star

    A sound plan.
    Except for that one part, where, you know, everything.


    “Then we find a bear. Keep the bear away from food for a while, extract the bullets from the scouts, toss the scouts in with the bears, and if they ever get found by the army the army just thinks ‘huh, guess we need to tell the men to watch out for bears more carefully’.”

    Easy really.

    Related: be wary of any man who keeps a pig farm.

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