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Chapter 13 Page 17

July 11th, 2016

Remember that Morantines we met in Serpents in the Water? They’re baa-aaak on Chapter 13 Page 17. Blaise is a bit worried. He knows where they’re going. A more immediate threat is about to befall Team Snow. See for yourself when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

GenCon is coming at the end of the month. All four of us – Eric, Julie, Steph, and Diane – will be there! We’ve got a table in Author’s Avenue. Come say hi. Maybe even catch a game with us!




    Well…this is bad.

    Falling Star

    Time to be heroes and save the town!
    …Or just watch them go. That’s a valid option too.


      Well, considering Blaise is a wanted man in his old city, and that neither of his current companions give a damn about the it either…


        That may as well be. But we know that Blaise gives a damn about some of the people there – even Jassart.

        We’ve seen him many times do the right thing rather than the easy thing. I can’t see him willingly allowing the city to be surprised by an enemy force if he can help it.

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