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The Tree of War Page 9

November 11th, 2015

No words; just a statement on Page 9 of the Tree of War by guest artist Kristin Kemper.

We’re slowly getting back onto schedule. I’ll have an Almanac update this Friday. This week is all maps, maps, and more maps. Page 7 of Chapter 12 will show maps of Everique and Japethe so now I have to draw them. I’ve been using How to Draw Fantasy Art & RPG Maps by D&D cartographer (among other things) Jared Blando. It’s been very helpful.



    Either that tree is Really rotten or he is wielding a tomahawk with one very Large strength bonus to have that trunk crack in two whacks.


      It’s a comic, we don’t get shown every single hit, only start and end. First pic shows it took him more than two ;)


      Third panel shows it took multiple strikes as well. There are tool marks from a number of blows visible.

      (I’m not sure it can be easy to have such attention to fine (borderline forensic) detail in the drawing while maintaining the clear, comic lines. Definitely gets my stamp of approval).


    And he looks off into the distance…
    At the giant bird coming to save him.

    Siva Smith

    They wouldn’t need to be giant ones. One regular-sized bald eagle lands beside him, somebody decides that’s a good reason to /not/ chop the tree anymore?


    I am counting on the eagles or some other species of giant birds to save him. Oh, wait, this is not LOTR…

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