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The Tree of War Page 10

November 16th, 2015

The Peacemaker breaks the Tree of War with terrible consequences on Page 10 of the Peacemaker and Tree of War. Art by Kristen Kemper.

My heart goes out to all those in Paris after the terrible attacks there. My thoughts and prayers are with you. May we all cut down the Tree of War that grows in our own time.



    So anyone else see actual wisdom in the writing here? Metaphorically speaking I’m very intrigued by the wording used. “False roots”. Kind of sad the teacher sent a “student” on a spiral to nowhere though. That happened to end in suicide. Eh. Good thing that doesn’t happen in the real world!


    Poor tree, you died for the sake of metaphor . . .


    … you seriously believe the ISIS terrorists will choose peace BEFORE much more war?

    Terrible attacks like in Paris shows us the importance of peace. They also show us that sometimes you need to FIGHT to get the peace. Although I’m not sure who needed to be reminded.


      I’m sure nobody here needs to be reminded, just like nobody living in the period of this portion of the tale needed to be reminded. The thing is, when stories are told many years later with life lessons added and all that, they sometimes lose the information about the actual events that happened that inspired the story.


    Tree: ‘I’m Free. What Is this strange sensation? I seem to be descending at a rapid rate I think I’ll call it falling. Yes. I’m falling. And what is that solid thing we are approaching? Hmm ground, yes I’ll call it ground.’ “Hi Ground!”

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