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Chapter 11 Page 4

July 14th, 2015

Blaise continues to contend with the girl on Chapter 11 Page 4. And Blaise continues to be on the losing end of this conversation. To see who shows up on the next page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Otakon is next week, and Reverie Comics has cooked up a special treat for you. There are six of us attending Otakon this year, and we’ve put together a Treasure Hunt. Get a clue card from us at the convention, solve the riddles, and collect the stamps. You can then turn them in for a prize. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Hope to see you there!



    Northern peoples can use a sauna/steambath for cleaning without a lot of water needed. Just a room–or tent–and a stove or heated stones for steam.


    The people of your typical native village in very cold area may not bath that much either… the whole process from making a bathtub to heating water, etc… for a village that struggles to have enough to eat in winter “one more hungry mouth to feed”….

    If they had the tech to have regular baths they probably would also live in something better than a tent in middle of winter.

    Under such a situation, normally people are happy to basically get mostly naked for an hour a day and let skin breath. (old “survival guide from army I found on Internet suggests this)


      “Bath”… could mean a small pail and a rag and wash each part of yourself… even that may seem a lot in middle of winter. Everything covered with snow/frozen so not that dirty.

      Main focus imo would be making sure no parasites, eg fleas, lice and also stopping infection (skin exposed to air once in a while helps, allows good bacteria on skin to fight bad bacteria, as well keep skin dry especially feet). I suspect they may every day carefully inspect feet (when you walk lots, foot blisters/injuries are danger to survival)

        From what I recall reading, many indigenous folks bathed far more often than Europeans or European colonists. The Europeans got this crazy idea that bathing was actually bad for you (like a layer of dirt would somehow protect you from evil cold spirits) and a psychosis-level sense of modesty (people, often women, died from not allowing doctors to see them naked even when in dire need of medical attention). This is best explained by contaminated water (no modern sewer systems or water treatment plants, after all) and religiously based body-shame. Though, to be fair, there was a monk who survived the Black Death by bathing in wine (he walled himself up to live in isolation, bathed regularly, and the alcohol would have killed many microorganisms [red wine even has some minor anti-viral properties, which couldn’t have hurt especially since he would have been drinking wine too]).

    Stampers Saverem

    *holding nose*

    Geez, Blaise!

    I can smell you clear over the internet!!

    Introverted Chaos

    Finally we get to see Blaze interact with someone of a similar level of emotional maturity.


    Oh Blaize, don’t you know that small, 10 year old girls tend to have acid wit and a diamond-sharp tongue?

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