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Chapter 11 Page 22

September 20th, 2015

Defiant Elk pleads his case with Snow-by-Night with Chapter 11 Page 22. Things go about as well as you would expect. To see who catches all the flak, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Monday Sept. 21 is the last day for the DriveThru Comic Bundle to support RAINN. Snow by Night is pleased to part of it. I should be shipping out the remaining Volume 2 Kickstarter rewards this week. Wooooo hoo!



    Puny mortal.


    Now shut up and sit down ! And for god’s sake, get a decent haircut already !

    Stampers Saverem


    I wonder about those “spiritual changes” Snow has hinted at……


    Note that she said Would not, not Could not. Has it ever been established just how powerful she Is at full strength?
    Especially in the last panel: Defiant Elk = Sokka.


    Very true.
    Also, shouldn’t Snow be a little concerned by Defiant Elk ‘s word , specially after her encounter with Giavere? I understand manitous like her don’t usually give a damn about mortal races, but the newcomers are out there to get all the aether and crush the local spirits , as they did in the land they come from.


      On the other hand, claiming non-interference is a better reply than “I’m absolutely terrified of these new spirits and will not take the fight against them if I can avoid it”.


    Like the not-so-subtle implication of “now the shoe is in the other foot “. Is rare to find examples where this is directed toward natives rather than the white men.


      It’s easy to just paint the most recent victors as the “bad guys” and the most recent losers as the “good guys” (a lot of intercultural politics is based on this), but it ignores the fact that survival goes to the victors, and historically speaking, every group of people still alive has killed of another. The current world powers just consist of the people who brought guns to what had previously been a knife fight.

      Completely agree. While I agree with most that what the colonists did to the native population was evil, I find that a lot of media today paints the old native american’s as more than human. It’s good to see that they are represented as more complex beings in this comic.


    Defiant Elk judged Snow like judging a book by its cover, and has learned that just because she appeared as a pretty squaw doesnt mean she has to stay that way.

    Peter Sadlon

    I think she has made her point to him quite and abundantly clear. He would be wise to cease his Defiance at bit.

    Introverted Chaos

    Hehe! I love it when Snow gets forceful like that. Do not seek to command the spirits, mortal.


    And she just went frozen-spike-haired monster. Defiant Elk took that a bit too far.

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