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Chapter 11, Page 21

September 15th, 2015

Distant Smoke asks for favors from Snow-by-Night on Chapter 11, Page 21. Defiant Elk pushes the issue even further. It is dangerous to provoke a manitou. To see a great shot of Defiant Elk being intense, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

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    Actally asking snow to get rid of Blaise, may be the very thing that helps her find her heart.


      really starting to think that in the end, finding her heart will amount to finding her feelings and empathy for others.

      look how quickly she is to be dismissive of mere mortals most of the time outside of dealing with blaise. or just expect them to follow her orders.


      I have the feeling Blaise is far from being the main reason Defiant is upset. His tribe seems to have problems, specially in resources.


    I have a feeling things are about to get a bit more complicated.


    Distant Smoke is so self-assured in the first panels, which contrasts nicely with her horrified glance at Defiant Elk in the last panel. Great job!


      well considering all defiant smoke was asking for boils down to “don’t be mad at us”, assuming that a harsh winter translates as upset winter spirits, she has ever reason to expect snow to grant her request since they have taken care of blaise.

      there is really little reason for her to be concerned. now defiant elk upsetting snow, that whole different matter.

      am kind of curious how much of the conversation blaise can follow?

    Undead Ladybug

    Defiant Elk, what are you doing??

    Let’s hope his “boon” doesn’t end up ticking Snow off…


    Living up to his name when he should just Chill.

    Somebody Someone

    Is Defiant Smoke the father of Defiant Elk and there is a “name heritage” going on, or you wanted to write Elk in the description originally that somehow got mixed up? :)


      No, that would be me making a mistake in the journal. I fixed it. Distant Smoke is the grandmother of Defiant Elk. The heritage of Defiant Elk’s name is the subject of the Chapter 11 vignette by Kristina Badhand.


    First rule of summoners: never piss off the entity unless you are damn sure you can contain/dismiss it before she gets the chance of turning your insides into your outsides.


    Better not be letting Blaise in the wood, alone and to die in the cold of winter, because i’ll be so PISSED

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