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Chapter 1 Revisions

July 10th, 2011

No almanac entry today. Instead, I have a ton of other updates and a lot of news. First, we are putting together our first chapterbook. This 40-page book has all of chapter 1, the Feathers and Frost vignette, and three pages of new material only available in the chapterbook. While doing the layout for the chapterbook, I came across numerous formatting and lettering issues. I’ve gotten a lot better at lettering since we started so I went back and fixed the lettering throughout the entire chapter. This took the time I had allotted to write the almanac entry, but I felt that this was necessary. The changes have made the pages much easier to read and more pleasing to view.

This brings me to the next bit of news. Brittany and I will be attending Otakon on July 29-30. We will have the brand new chapterbooks and lots of cool buttons. In addition, Brittany will be taking commissions during the convention. We are at table U07 in the Artists Alley. You can find us on this handy map of the Otakon Artist Alley. So come by and have Brittany draw you in colonial garb.

GenCon is also rapidly approaching, and I will be attending. I’m a huge fan of tabletop RPGs. D&D is one of my favorite. I have written a D&D adventure that is premiering at GenCon for the Ashes of Athas campaign. It’s titled AoA3-2 The Veil Parted ,and you can find it in the Sagamore Ballroom with all the other RPGA adventures. If you’re attending GenCon, please give it a try.




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    OK, comments are off for the previous conversation about the new Journal format, so I’ll say it here:

    I HAD A (great?) IDEA!

    Since the bookshelf went away, you’ve moved to a simple drop-down menu. You know what that looks like to me? A scroll!

    I’m hardly computer-savvy to know if it’d be easy or not, but I’d find it cooler than the books to crack the seal on a scroll and roll it down to see all the topics.

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