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Chapter 7 Page 20

September 17th, 2013

Blaise shows off his excellent imagination and mad art skillz on Chapter 7 Page 20. Antoine is not amused.

Since Eric and Brittany are headed off to Canada as of 4am today, Diane is here to handle the updates while they’re snoozing on a train. I’m glad I got to introduce this page, which was one of my favorite parts of the script when Eric showed it to me. Brittany & Naty did a great job executing it.

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    Omi Lynn

    Maybe if he hadn’t written on it, Antoine might have taken him more seriously.

    Or not.


    It’s not just regular pointy, it’s “extra pointy”.


    I think the “booga booga booga” is what clinched it…


    I still have to wonder… do appearances mean more in the Manitou world than they do in ours? *Aka, can something that looks terrifying still be good?*


    Many gods/godesses have two aspects:calm and angry, benevolent and destructive.


    For everyone who wants to see how close he got:


    I’m betting Antoine thinks Blaise is pulling a prank on him.

    There there, Blaise. I thought it was a very academic question.


    Ahahaha Blaise, you never fail to make me laugh!

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