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Chapter 7 Page 19

September 15th, 2013

Behold the many faces of Giavere on Chapter 7 Page 19 — the moon goddess, the unicorn, and the lily on the water. At least, that’s how she appears to her followers. Other people (and spirits) might see a different face.

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    So, no appearances as a demonic uni-thorn?


    That is definitely the Disney version of Giavere-as-a-unicorn. Marketing the real thing would be rather a challenge. I hate to think what the real manifestation of the Lily on a Pond is like…


    Funny that the images of giavere so happen to be plastered on the walls behind him!


    That spear is so impractical. The term “staff” would be much MUCH more fitting for it.


    Strangest spambot post in recent memory!


    I guess the few French words on the site attracted a spam bot that deals in French porn sites.


    Sorry, gang. It slipped through our spam filter.

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