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Chapter 7 Page 16

September 3rd, 2013

Poor Blaise. From the looks of Chapter 7 Page 16, that wonderful evening on the town he put together paid off … for Jassart. To see a preview of our next page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Brittany drove back from DragonCon today. She had a great time from what I’ve heard. I’ll pester her for a con report later this week.


    That man has a SERIOUS hard head….and I’m liking him less and less as he goes further with this plan. :(


      I never much liked Jassart: I’ve always thought he was a jerk.

      Blaise, on the other hand, is adorable.


      Yeah I never liked Jassart much either >:( and now I’m liking him even less because he’s doing the stupidest thing of all stupid things he’s done… I hope Blaise will figure it out before it’s too late!!


        It’s gotta backfire. The worst that can happen is that Snow thinks Blaise was in on it, and it drives a wedge between Snow and Blaise. Now that would be bad. Really bad.



    Where can I see the full body picture of Sun-in-Splendour ? I can’t see it in the Almanac either.


    Okay– All I could think of was that part in “The Road to El Dorado” when Tulio says: “The stars are not in position for this tirbute!” It’s the most transparent excuse ever. XD But it always seems to work.


    Finally, someone intelligent. Jassart has the brains and the good sense where Blaise had neither.


    Now is it Bla-ze or Bla-sae’?


    I was re-reading the whole comic again, and whenever I read “To find my heart. Let us go to Blaise.” it feels as if there is a hint there, I highly doubt it, but it almost sounds as if she likes him, but doesn’t know it. :P

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