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Chapter 7 Page 15

August 27th, 2013

Apparently all he had to say was please. Snow-by-Night makes her appearance on Chapter 7 Page 15. To see a preview of the next page, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

The Snow by Night Store got a make-over this week. And it really needed one too. Diane and I spruced it up with new graphics and more information. We also added the Spirits of the Seasons prints by Julie Wright and Giavere the Starkindler by Naty Baaklini. You can now get all these wonderful prints through the store.

Next item on the agenda, make digital downloads of the chapters…


    art wannabe

    The way Snow is drawn in the fourth panel is perfect, not to mention the lighting in this entire scene…you guys are pretty amazing.


    If Jassart somehow survives the chaos that is bound to happen from double-crossing Snow, I will be very surprised.

    When all his friends are telling him one thing, he does the other. I think he’s mentally incapable of thinking about stuff that doesn’t profit him in some way. I REALLY hope Blaise will soon realize Jassart is not a real friend and will go his separate way soon.

    Pride the Demon

    When do they update this web comic
    I’m new to this so I don’t have a clue. -~-‘


      We update pages on Monday and Wednesday and then a world-building almanac entry on Friday. The schedule is at the top of the sidebar on the right side of the webpage.

      However, we won’t have an update this Monday (Sept. 2) for Labor Day.


    I have the feeling “Bearer-of-Fire” is, in Snow´s terms, the equivalent of “son-of-a-b…”


    See,this is why one needs to pay attention during story-time.

    If Jassart had been paying attention, he might remember that as long as he and Blaise don’t make her angry, this situation will take care of itself.

    If the crow isn’t paid in full he’ll take her away, if everything goes perfectly she disincorporates completely until long after Jassart and Blaise are dead ( if we’re being realistic ) or until Blaise is a few moments from dying of old age ( if we’re observing certain storytelling conventions ). Really the worse case in the, “Snow is not mad at them scenario,” is that Blaise spends decades pining after her instead of finding a new girlfriend.

    Alas, Jassart feels that stories should be about himself and told to appreciative audiences. He doesn’t like listening to stories about others.

    Betcha 10 ecus that after this is all over he doesn’t learn from it. He’s cleverer than Blaise, but in a lot of ways not nearly as wise.


      That’s assuming that he lives that long. The way things are going I’m expecting a body count in the last act on a scale of the last act of Hamlet.


    Oh, wow. Bad Jassart. Bad! This cannot possibly end well. Though who it will not end well for remains to be seen, I suppose.


    I’ve been trying to get your RSS feed but it gives an error saying that it cannot connect to the server. Please try and fix it.


    Will that balancing involve draining all the “excess” aether? I bet it will!

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