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Chapter 6 Page 4

February 24th, 2013

Almanac References: ChocolateIn the woods, Niteosday, Overlook District, Snowfall

We go back in time four days on Chapter 6 Page 4. Blaise seeks advice from Mathilde at the chocolate house. Our chanteuse certainly has opinions, but will they be of any help to Blaise? Chocolate houses were the Starbucks of the 17th century. We’ll be discussing them on Friday in the Almanac. To see a sneak peek of page 5 (and Brittany’s commentary on the panel), please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

We’ve started receiving submissions for our Art Contest. I’m really impressed with some of the entries so far. The deadline for entering is March 1. Send us your arts! We want to see them.

Almanac References

Ouais = “Yeah”



    Hnrgh Blaise <3 Snow-By-Night


    How’s “ouais” differ from the “oui” to which I’m accustomed?


      Ouais is an informal yes. Pretty much like saying “yeah.” It’s in the language section of the Almanac. Hmmm. This is an excellent time to add an almanac link to the journal as you suggested.

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