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Chapter 6 Page 3

February 20th, 2013

Is she still angry? Yeah, Snow-by-Night is still pretty angry on Chapter 6 Page 3. But at least she takes Blaise’s call! A major scene shift next week. To see a peek, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

I got the Katsucon convention report up on Snow by Night’s Facebook page. It’s done as a photo album (I always like do these as pictures so you can see the experience). Also, just over a week left before the deadline on our Art Contest. Draw one of our characters and you may win cash prizes.


    And this is the chapter when poor Blaise tries to show Snow that he loves her and her heart is found by learning to love someone else… And I hope it works, because Blaise is so closet crushing on her, I’d like to see him happy.


      What if her heath is not a physical object, but something what would appear over her under the right circustances (like love), something to be gained?
      You know, for what we have seen of her, she is anything but emotionless.


    *fangirl squee* I’m so excited for this chapter


    Something different? What could it be?

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