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Chapter 2 Page 26

October 9th, 2011

Chapter 2 Page 26 is up. Run, Blaise, run!

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    Damn these new characters. They all want to be special snowflakes.

    lol stop talking and just RUUUUUUUUN!!!!


      Lol! I agree! I was thinking while reading that those words should be in thought bubbles


        When the next page goes up, you’ll see that he’s talking to Jassart. This is an instance where the micro-serialization is slighly problematic. I have an idea on how to fix this. I’ll take care of it tonight.


          I made a small tweak to the dialog on page 26. I added an appellation to Blaise’s final comment, making it clear he is talking to Jassart.


    Ooo, is she SNOWING?! Nice touch!


    Clearly she knows feather fall.

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