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Chapter 2 Page 25

October 4th, 2011

Chapter 2 Page 25 is up. Jassart makes a realization and things are about to get hot.

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    Ooo, she’s looking for Winter’s youth isn’t she?


    Oh noes!!! She’s going to be melted by the phoenix fire potion or whatever it is!!!! >_xD

    An ice drow? That’s what she looks like.

    But, more seriously, I think that the Winter’s Daughter theory makes sense.


    Ice Ice Baby untz untz untz! XD Abd thats what I thought might be going though Jazzarts mind :p Gaaah I want to know who this lovley ice vixen is X3 Nice theories by the way lol :3

    She’s actually secretly the tin man from the wizard of Oz.


    Searching for Winter’s Heart to recover his youth, perhaps?

    SHE’S WINTER’S DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, no more caffiene for me tonight…..but seriously, he’s going to melt her.

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