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Chapter 14 Page 5

October 26th, 2016

Chapter 14 Page 5

The Saronnan fleet arrives in Sherbourg. It brings guns and ships and so the story shifts. It also brings a most unwelcome surprise for Vivienne. When you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics, you can see for yourself what that surprise is.

Such a lovely ship. Julie does great ships. I’d ask her to draw more ships, but I think she’d kill me. They’re very intricate and take a long time to draw properly.


    that guy

    Let me guess: either a suitor, or we’re having a callback to a certain shooting contest.


    That ship does look cool, by the way.


    My compliments to the artist, especially on the ship! Wooden sailing ships have a lot of curves, angles and details that require a skilled hand to draw them correctly, and that’s before you even throw in perspective. Marvelously well done. :)

    Her rival has returned!


    Who is the mystery woman? Her nemesis?


      No need to answer that it is Marguerite, her old rival and the one person that hates her more than anyone. I would not be surprised if she is also going to be Vivienne’s commanding officer. I would imagine nothing quite ruins your career like having the enmity of your CO.


    Does anyone else feel like those soldiers all lined up are… eh… ‘christening’ the ship?


    Just me?


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