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Chapter 14 Page 6

October 31st, 2016

Chapter 14 Page 6

Your guesses paid off! Gold stars to all the readers who saw figured out who was strolling down the gangplank. For the rest of us, let me re-introduce Marguerite d’Emperset. She last appeared in Vivienne’s vignette Losing by Winning¬†waaaaaaay back in Chapter 5. That vignette was done by S.Y. Lee, one of my guest artists. So there is an art shift between the vignette and the main story and Marguerite looks a bit different.

You can imagine how well this is going to go between Viv and Marguerite. If you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics, you don’t have to imagine. ;-)



    Nothing like having the enmity of your CO from the get go to make your career “Interesting”.


    Let Her deal with the next chimera/monster etc. then. Problem Solved.


    That loud clicking noise is someone’s nose being put seriously out of joint…


    Well, she might look the part, but has she learned anything (constructive) since we last saw her? My concern is that though her influence within the royal court was obviously strong enough to garner complete military command of the colony, her strategic & tactical competency has not necessarily improved to match her responsibility.

    Besides, from a narrative standpoint, why have both her an Vivienne in the same location again if it’s not to show, once again, who the superior battlefield commander is when the stakes are high? Mind you, I won’t be disappointed if I’m wrong, because the writing is always good here. ;)


    Oh, wow. If she’s the one whom the king sends to rescue the colony and trusts with the ultimate commanding power in an emergency, she’s probably a pretty competent person. Assuming the king cares about the colony, that is.

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