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Chapter 13 Page 23

August 1st, 2016

Kill the daemon! Snow-by-Night suffers the Morantine counter attack on Chapter 13 Page 23. Does brass disrupt¬†Snow’s incarnation? Hmmmm. Interesting. You can see Snow’s response when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics!

We’re off to GenCon tomorrow! Since the entire team (and I mean all of us — Julie, Diane, Steph, AND me) is going, we’re going to take a short break from posting pages until next Wednesday August 10. I’m sorry for the mini-hiatus in the middle of a fight scene. If you’re coming to GenCon (and probably about 65,000 of you are), please come by and say hello. We’re¬†in the Author’s Avenue at Table AA-I. We’ll have Snow by Night, Riven Seal (Julie’s comic), and Final Arcanum (Steph’s comic)!

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    Falling Star

    [cue Blaise getting pissed Goku style]

    Anime fan

    Huh. Thought it was copper and iron that supernaturals couldn’t stand.

      Falling Star

      Copper and iron are more of a European thing, while the Native Americans probably held brass in their belief systems.
      The Redcoats here seem to have figured that out.


    Interesting. Why brass, I wonder? Does brass have an association with fire? Or is it just any fire-forged weapon? Hmm.


    I’m surprised that actually worked. I thought it was iron that fae folk had a severe allergy to?

    Heh, I love the look on her face: “Well, THIS is inconvenient! *poof*”


    Oh look they’re Occupied. Let the back-stabbery commence!


    Shouldn’t at least one of you be concentrating on the guy with the bog knife and the silly haircut?

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