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Chapter 13 Page 21

July 25th, 2016

Defiant Elk leaps into action on Chapter 13 Page 21! Alas, there will be no snowball fight. See Snow-by-Night join the fight when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Julie, Steph, Diane, and I (Eric) will all be at GENCON next weekend! We love this convention. We’re huge gamers and there’s so much to do at GenCon. We’ll be in the Author’s Avenue at table AA-I. We’re also working on a special surprise with Erik Scott de Bie and Brian Cortijo for Candlekeep Presents on Saturday night. But you’ve got to attend that seminar to find out what it is!



    Alas, poor scouts. We barely knew ye.

    Falling Star

    Here, let me get that off of you…


    Oh did somebody get killed in this scene? Was too busy concentrating on “other” things. :-)


    Red snowcones anyone? Anyone?


    RIP Snowball Guys. :(


    These brave guys gave their lives so the fangirls could get a peek to
    Defiant´s bare chest. Honor their sacrifice. :)


    Poor guys who didn’t really do anything wrong except invade enemy territory. Guess this is the occupational hazard of being a soldier. And they didn’t even get one last snowball fight!

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