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Chapter 12 Page 26

March 14th, 2016

Oh snap! Chapter 12 Page 26.

Pénélope’s reaction is the vote incentive on Top Web Comics.




    I certainly do not want this to end well for Jassart. Hopefully he will end up in worst shape than he did after the fire.


    Ninja-maiden!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    Binge Reader

    Hmmm, Jassart’s is now guilty of breaking and entering, and possibly murder. Yay!

      For what it’s worth, Jassart is calling the shadow an It. He doesn’t realize it’s a real person.


        OK, but fwiw, he also doesn’t consider Snow-by-Night a real person. For all we know, he doesn’t consider the Liranequois ‘real’ persons either. I suspect that really wouldn’t surprise too many readers at this point.


    Well, what an asshole.
    Not just for killing Penelope for doing her job of protecting the vault, but for the whole “breaking the rules” things; it’s for that can of attitute I can’t stand him! I’m glad Matilde dump him!

    Folkerd Koning

    I doubt you can kill a spirit/manitou by breaking it’s neck. The feats performed by Penelope suggests that she is, in fact, an aetherial being, likely associated with Giavere or another fire type major spirit.


    Tough break for Penelope.

    I’ll see myself out.


    Well,the vote incentive tells me that doesn’t actually kill her, but I still have no idea how she was able to see him while being in a different room. I haven’t seen that she sees his shadow on her side as well, but I could’ve missed it.

    In any case, I want to see how Jassart gets out of that vault with the mask and slips past the more physical form of his would-be assassin.


      That was a bit of a spoiler, Chase. Maybe next time you can hold off, just to be polite to the rest of us readers who are also enjoying the story *and* the fan community?


        Well, it was the vote incentive… I thought everyone clicked it? Either way, my apologies; I honestly thought it wasn’t a spoiler since anyone could go see it. :(


          To be fair, it even says “Penelope’s reaction” in the author comments. Without clicking the vote link, those two words alone tell me she’s not dead. I’m not so sure how big of a spoiler it actually was. I could even still be SUPER wrong and she IS dead! :D Her mentioned reaction could be her last moment in this world, maybe.

          I’ve still got some twists. No major spoilers were made. Mwah ha ha ha!


    well that got dark pretty suddenly!


    Now, I want to see M. LeBlanc’s reaction. At the end of book 1, he was in a fight with M. Dansereau and was upset when he wounded Blaise in the arm. Now he’s killed, will he feel remorse? This is the classic tale of Jassert descending to Hell, one small step at a time. Now the question is, will Blaise go in the opposite direction now he’s met the one wise man on the continent?
    Great story telling and I can’t wait to see what happens next!


      Shouldn’t that be “wise woman”? If you’re referring to Defiant Elk – I’d agree that he’s quite intelligent and perceptive, but I also think he’s still too hot-headed for his own (or his people’s) good.

      I think his grand-mère Distant Smoke is far wiser.


        Heh, I did say wise man :-) For all his faults Mr Elk has realised that his culture needs to adapt and grow if it is to survive. How well he manages it remains to be seen.


    um…called it? (yech)

    Fwiw Landis, if I was in a fight for my life, I’d gladly exchange getting my hand stuck with a half-inch needle for having my neck snapped.


    Surprised that Jassart didn’t get cut from that. Unless of course he’s ignoring the injury until he can confirm his assailant’s death.


    Did he just break her neck?



        I’m not supposed to feel sorry for the shadow assassin. Guess I’m just glad that Jassart didn’t do anything worse.

        Will we ever find out what Penelope actually was, or what motivated her? I know she was trying to kill Jassart, but is that because she’s a summoned creature that just happens to look human, or was she somehow enslaved or coerced into the role? Or am I just wondering too much about a plot device?

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