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Chapter 12 Page 25

March 9th, 2016

Jassart notices that Pénélope plays by a set of rules on Chapter 12 Page 25. And as any good rules lawyer, Jassart intends to exploit those rules. To see a preview of he does it, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

I’ve been reading the theories on how Jassart is going to exploit the rules. You all put forward some really good guesses. If this was D&D 5e, I’d be handing out a lot of inspiration dice.



    I figure I can imagine how Jassart would have learned those lessons…


    it would have been smarter just to attack him in person. what are the advantages of attacking him with her shadow other than being attacked by a shadow is creepier than by a maid

    Eric Munson

    People apparently liked him because he was blonde and suave. He’s also selfish, crass, ruthless, and almost entirely unprincipled. Kind of reminds me of how so many fans liked Tarquin in Order of the Stick, and couldn’t reconcile it when he was revealed to be a monstrous jerk.

    I just voted, and that IS an interesting solution to his problem.

    Stampers Saverem

    This brings a whole new meaning to “Shadow Boxing”.

    Binge Reader

    I’d like to bring up that legally, Jassart is in the wrong and wiil probably add to that by kilingl our favorite assassin-maid. So I’d like to ask: WHY DID WE LIKE HIM EXACTLY?


      Haven’t liked him since that episode that left him with the burn scar. Sorry. Not even with his new pretty look, which I admit is fetching. Nope. Not.


        I haven’t liked him since around that time, too. Actually, I was always a bit on the fence about him. After all, he did treat Matilde quite poorly and I think the worst is he learned nothing from that burn, just decided to become more devilish and now he’s using another girl to get a thing from a guy and they don’t even know why they’re stealing it.

        I’m glad shadow-maid is at least giving him a challenge, but I really really want her to win! Hahah… Guess we’ll just have to wait at the edge of our seats to find out >.<

      I dunno. I never said he was the good guy.


    So… why not throw the knife? No good in D&D as a knife can only do 1-4hp, but in real life…


    Yep, this is definitely about the time you realise you need a natural 20 to hit the monster and you start desperately start scanning the character sheet for plan B. Will I lose kudos if I admit to still playing 2e?

    And looking at the Vote Incentive one of us called it (and it wasn’t me – again).


    I can’t wait to see how Jassart works this one out! Coupled with her desperate expression in the last panel, he’s actually making me feel a little sorry for the ‘killer’ maid.

      Alexander Leaking Pen Hollins

      im thinking that being closer to the light is going to make for a longer weapon.

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