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Chapter 10 Page 9

February 2nd, 2015

Vivienne considers what could be done with the mana of a distilled manitou on Chapter 10, Page 9. She fears that war is coming and Aradie will need every advantage it can get. For the vote incentive, I took some liberties from a panel from Wednesday page. To see it, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Man, it has been Strep-pocoylpse here this past week. My pre-schooler brought it home from school and said “Sharing is Caring.” Within a day, my sweet little disease bomb had wiped out the house. Strep is not fun, but at least we have medication for it. The strep is gone. Thank heavens for modern medicine.



    Probably best not to point out that ALL plagues are theoretical until one kicks down your door. Don’t say I didn’t warn you when your citizens start bleeding from the eyes!


    Nice. From his POV, that’s exactly what happened.

    Its interesting to see Vivienne’s reaction, her interest being more military applications than Bertrande’s medical applications.

    Pretty much what I predicted he’d do: tell the truth in such a way to make himself look good (as if his entire goal was to help a devoted researcher prepare for upcoming disasters and Blaise was some dangerous psychotic breaking in, possibly to steal the potentially life-saving aether for his own purposes).
    Whether or not Vivienne actually fell for that, she’s certain intrigued by the potential military applications of that much energy . . .


    That vote incentive… :D


    Well i’m stunned, she did manage to finish his sentence, so we dont know what spin he was planning to put on it himself, but he actually told the truth!

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