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Almanac – Japethe

May 31st, 2012

This week’s Almanac entry is Japethe – the home continent of the colonists of Aradie. Since we’re discussing Seigneur Foucault and his return back to Saronne, it seemed a good time to give a little bit of information about the homeland of all these newcomers to the New World.

Oh, I had the pleasure of meeting Taylor of Xander Comic a couple weeks ago. He’s got a fantastic story going over there that centers on a boy wandering a dreamscape with one fantastic adventure after another. The storytelling is tight and the art is superb. I highly recommend you give it a read.

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Chapter 4 Page 14

May 29th, 2012

Chapter 4 Page 14 posted. Snow and the boys make it to the top of Cape Adamant and find their prize ripe for the taking.

As one commenter pointed out, Snow is going to be mad when she finds out she was lied to. To see a preview of round one between Snow and Jassart, vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.


Chapter 4 Page 13

May 27th, 2012

Chapter 4 Page 13 is up. Snow-by-Night leads the boys up the side of the Cape Adamant. During the winter. While it’s snowing. To see how Jassart manages the climb, vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.


Almanac – Cape Adamant

May 25th, 2012

This week’s Almanac entry is Cape Adamant. This massive rock formation dominates Sherbourg’s skyline and separates the upper city from the lower. This is the cliff that Jassart and Blaise are climbing with the help of Snow-by-Night.


Chapter 4 Page 12

May 22nd, 2012

Almanac References: Cape Adamant

My thanks to Brittany for covering for me on Monday when I was out of town. And I’m pleased to announce that Chapter 4 Page 12 is up. Snow-by-Night takes a look at what the boys want her to do — climb a steep cliff in the middle of winter while it’s snowing. To see a glimpse of how the boys hold up on the climb, vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

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Chapter 4 Page 11

May 20th, 2012

Chapter 4, Page 11 is up. Hmmm… becasue lying to a snow manitou can’t possibly have any bad repercussions down the line. It’s not like she’s the daughter of Winter or anything…

Eric’s out of town so I get to write today’s page intoduction and the general, “OMG! We love our fans!” Cause you know we do, seriously. We love all our readers <3 (You make it possible for me to get paid and buy food!) <3 Snow by Night has several conventions coming up so if you’re going to be attending stop by and say hello and buy a book, or two, or button, or our undying gratitude. Your pick!

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Somewhere inbetween all of that actual life also goes on. I’m not sure where exactly, but I’ve been told it’s awesome.

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PS: Oh…saw Avengers. Can’t find socks. If seen please contact me!


This week’s Almanac entry is the Architect of the City. This important official designs all the civic and military buildings. He also keeps all the architectural records of the city, which makes him very important to Blaise and Jassart.

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Chapter 4 Page 10

May 15th, 2012

Almanac References: Riverside

Chapter 4 Page 10 posted. Blaise summons Snow-by-Night in a quiet place in the back alleys of Sherbourg. To see a preview of how the manitou responds to his request for help, vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.