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Chapter 4 Page 14

May 29th, 2012

Chapter 4 Page 14 posted. Snow and the boys make it to the top of Cape Adamant and find their prize ripe for the taking.

As one commenter pointed out, Snow is going to be mad when she finds out she was lied to. To see a preview of round one between Snow and Jassart, vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.



    Mes cher amis,
    Thank you for this beautifully crafted story and I think this would be a wonderful comic for anyone who is Canadian or who likes early Cdn flavour in their stories.


      I am not Canadian, and Canadian themes aren’t particularly near-and-dear to my heart. Still, I aDORE this series!


      I’m very glad you’re enjoying our tale. We’ve done a lot of research to try and catch the feel for the frontier of Nouvelle-France. At some point, I would like to create a French mirror site for the comic. I just don’t trust my French to do it myself.


    I can only guess Blaise will be the one to calm her down…..If he does, poor guy….being the mediator between Jassart and the ladies must be getting to him…


    Very pretty house. My first two thoughts on seeing it came almost on top of one another:

    “Man that’s a beautiful house. I wouldn’t want to live there, but I’d LOVE to spend time in it!”

    “Ugh, with all that glass the heating bill must be enormous.”

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