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Chapter 4 Page 11

May 20th, 2012

Chapter 4, Page 11 is up. Hmmm… becasue lying to a snow manitou can’t possibly have any bad repercussions down the line. It’s not like she’s the daughter of Winter or anything…

Eric’s out of town so I get to write today’s page intoduction and the general, “OMG! We love our fans!” Cause you know we do, seriously. We love all our readers <3 (You make it possible for me to get paid and buy food!) <3 Snow by Night has several conventions coming up so if you’re going to be attending stop by and say hello and buy a book, or two, or button, or our undying gratitude. Your pick!

June 22-24, 2012

July 12-14, 2012

July 27-29, 2012

September 21-23, 2012

Anime USA
November 9-11, 2012

Somewhere inbetween all of that actual life also goes on. I’m not sure where exactly, but I’ve been told it’s awesome.

There’s 13 days left to vote for us for the Month of May on Top Web Comics, so please vote and show your support! And there’s always a preview for the next page. Snow By Night is currently around #64 on the list so a HUGE thank you to everyone who’s voted so far. Keep up the amazing work. <3

Much Love,

PS: Oh…saw Avengers. Can’t find socks. If seen please contact me!



    Ah, lying to and exploiting native peoples, a time honored European tradition.


    Oh my. When I saw the preview image I thought she was on to his lies. I also figured he’d be less specific and just claim that there would be a decent chance of her heart being among the treasures they’re going for. But now he’s practically promised her that her heart is actually there.


      Yeah…. maybe they should have sent Jassart to spin lies to Snow-by-Night. Blaise isn’t really good at this lying thing.


        It doesn’t help that Blaise isn’t entirely keen on the whole trickery plan either. That he’s not half the manipulative jerk Jassart is, might not be a bad thing.

    …I think I ship Blaise/Snow, they’re just too cute <3

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