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Chapter 4 Page 5

April 29th, 2012

Almanac References: Rook, Saronne, Seigneur

Chapter 4 Page 5 is up. Jassart and Mathilde stroll down Rue de la Citadelle past the Governor’s mansion and the other rich homes of Sherbourg. It’s the hoity toity part of Sherbourg. Come see where the rich and famous in Sherbourg live.

To see Mathilde’s stroll down memory lane, vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.


Almanac – Punishment

April 26th, 2012

With Laurent in the pillory, it seems a good time to discuss punishment in the Almanac. The pillory (and its close relative the stocks) were a popular form of punishment in colonial times. In a small community like Sherbourg, being put “on display” in the town square was a humiliating and dreadful experience that continues to sting for a long time after you get out of the pillory.

Oh, I have a couple more artists Britt and I met at Pittsburgh Comicon. Wootlabs by Joe Kleinman is a webcomic of a happy family of mad scientists. I love the look and pacing of this comic. Rich Bernatovech of Drumfish Productions is releasing NeverMinds. NeverMinds is the code name for a secret, superhuman organization that offers security and investigation…for a fee. Great stuff!


Chapter 4 Page 4

April 24th, 2012

Almanac References: Astarday, Dappling The HeightsOn Display, Ouache, PantawiddlePillory, Sherry off

Chapter 4 Page 4 is up. Sherbourg crowd sources its criminal justice. That doesn’t matter to Laurent. He’s pinning all the blame on Jassart. To see more of Mathilde’s and Jassart’s “date,” vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Pittsburgh Comicon was a great time. This convention treated its artists well. We got a draped-off area that gave us plenty of space. The con staff came by with water bottles and sandwiches. It was some incredible bang for our buck. We also met some great artists. Franks and Beans were our neighbors to one side. They run Wagon Wheel Comics and publish the engaging and fast-paced Teddy and the Yeti. To our other side was John Haun, a brilliant illustrator and sketch artist. Next to John was 8th Day Anime, who does some incredible anime illustrations. Oh, Stan Lee was there, signing his new Romeo & Juliet book. That booth was literally 50 feet from ours so I got a picture of him then watched as he walked by our table a couple times (he didn’t notice us, alas). For 89 years old, he’s in incredible health and owns whatever room he’s in. To see pictures of all this, visit our Facebook page.


Chapter 4 Page 3

April 22nd, 2012

Almanac References: Pike it, Sunsday

Brittany and I just got back from Pittsburgh Comicon. We had a fantastic time and met a lot of great artists and fans. I’ll do a more extensive con report on Wednesday when I’m not running on emergency auxiliary power. My thanks to Diane for doing the update on Friday and winning the award for Most Rambling-est Journal Entry of the Year. And it’s Rendez-vous, Diane. It’s in the almanac. :-p

Chapter 4 Page 3 is up. Blaise and Jassart take their leave of Cienan and Ald picks up after them. To see a preview of what befalls Laurent vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.



I had to go look at the older Journal entries to figure out how to spell that French word and now I’ve already forgotten. Whoops! As you can tell, this is Diane reporting in for Journal entry duty in Eric’s stead. He and Brit are off to Pittsburgh Comicon this weekend, so if you’re attending, please stop by and harass them! I mean, visit them!

Replacing the usual Almanac update is another piece of great fan art by Inqling. Blaise is my favorite character so far, so I love this deviously cheerful version of him! He’s so cute when he grins.

However, the best smile in the story thus far has to go to another character. (Sorry, my beloved Blaise!) You can see more of his scheming in our teaser up on Top Web Comics if you’re as intrigued as I am. Monday’s Story update will reveal what he’s saying in that panel.

Some of you may remember my tearbending-worthy hope of getting a store up and running for the site, which is still in process, I promise. I tossed it on the back burner in order to flip our entire site over to PHP code, which would mean a lot less future work in updates for me, and it would give Eric the ability to quickly make changes even if I’m unavailable. The project is staying true to the Snow by Night motto – by taking longer than I thought it would. If I end up not being able to migrate the site over by the end of this month, I’m going to flip my focus back onto the Store to get it up here by the end of May.

Enough excuses, this Journal’s getting too wordy! Here, have another sneak peek picture:

Hurricane Diane

This is a doodle of chibi me as a hurricane. I’d probably make a very lazy storm, considering I find traveling up a flight of stairs too much effort to bother. Why a hurricane? There are lots of reasons. And bees.

(…Huh, that really does go with everything.)

I guess that’s all I have to say for now. Hope to hog the spotlight again soon with some big site changes! And bees!

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Chapter 4 Page 2

April 17th, 2012

Almanac References: Cienan yr TuathalNiteosday, Pénélope GâteauSherbourg

Chapter 4 Page 2 is up. Jassart tries to explain to Cienan why the trap isn’t needed any more. Looks like Cienan is buying it. To see a sneak peak of the aftermath of Jassart’s bill of sale, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Pittsburgh Comicon this weekend. Britt and I hope to see you there!


Chapter 4 Page 1

April 15th, 2012

The first page of Chapter 4 is up. This chapter is titled What No One Expects. Pencils and inks are by Brittany. Colors by Naty. Editing by Amy. Story and lettering by Ericy. Wait, I don’t like how that sounds at all.

As you can see, we continue our process of switching over to Cochin Archaic from Caswallon. Just too many swirl attacks. Page 2 goes up on Wednesday. To see a glimpse of what Blaise and Jassart are up in this chapter, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comic.

We are at Pittsburgh Comicon is this weeknd. If you’re attending, please stop by and say hello. Need help finding us? I’ve prepared this handy dandy map for the occasion.

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Almanac – Heavy Cavalry

April 12th, 2012

This week’s Almanac entry is heavy cavalry. These units are the tanks of the colonial period. They hit hard and fast.

Chapter 4 begins on Monday. I would like to welcome Natalie Baaklini to the team. Naty is the artist of Law of the Riverside. She has agreed to become our colorist for the main story and take some of the pressure off of Britt. Thank you, Naty!

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