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Chapter 4 Page 3

April 22nd, 2012

Almanac References: Pike it, Sunsday

Brittany and I just got back from Pittsburgh Comicon. We had a fantastic time and met a lot of great artists and fans. I’ll do a more extensive con report on Wednesday when I’m not running on emergency auxiliary power. My thanks to Diane for doing the update on Friday and winning the award for Most Rambling-est Journal Entry of the Year. And it’s Rendez-vous, Diane. It’s in the almanac. :-p

Chapter 4 Page 3 is up. Blaise and Jassart take their leave of Cienan and Ald picks up after them. To see a preview of what befalls Laurent vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.




    Again, this is really late, but I’m curious: Would the resin have worked on Snow-by-night? Would she have frozen and shattered it or floated out like a wisp?


      It probably wouldn’t have worked. And she probably could have gotten out of it just as you say. However, Jassart didn’t know he was dealing with a manitou at the time.

    No link to the page this time? Well, /pages/current.html works (as long as page 3 is current I guess), but /pages/ch4/pg3.html doesn’t exist yet.


      I added the link to the journal entry. This is what happens when I do the update when I’m working on auxiliary power after a convention.

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