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Upcoming Events

Page 3 of Feathers and Frost is up. Eric Schneider continues to amaze me with his work.

Balticon was a fantastic experience for Brittany and me. We were in the Artists’ Alley which was right outside the main ballroom and in the hall that lead to the con suite. You couldn’t ask for better placement. We met with hundreds of sci-fi and fantasy fans and got to spread the word about Snow by Night. We met some great webcomic creators too. It was quite the list. Barb Fischer and Chris Impink have a great comic about roller-derby girls named Sledgebunny. Travis Surber tells of geeks living in a redneck town in Hainted Holler. Eric Kimball tells the story of a very unusual barbarian in Exiern, Elaine Corvidae terrifies me with her futuristic horror in Riven Sol. And our good friend Jennifer Zyren Smith continues her adventures on the high seas in LaSalle’s Legacy.

Whew. One con down and it’s off to another. Brit and I are heading down to Charlotte for HeroesCon this weekend. HeroesCon is a comic book convention that has a strong indie focus. I’m hoping to meet a lot of great fans and creators while I’m down there. If you’re coming to the convention, please come by and say hello. We’re at table SP-45.



Creator Pictures

May 29th, 2011

Instead of an almanac entry, this week I’m uploading creator pictures for the Snow by Night team. Now you can see artistic interpretations of what we may look like if we were living in Sherbourg in 1686. Brittany has done a fantastic job with them. Thank you, Brit!


Edit from the Webmaster, Diane:

Hi everyone! I don’t normally pop in on Eric’s Journal posts, but hey, he’s at Balticon so I’M in charge now! For today’s update, I’ve uploaded a bunch of new code into the site. The most obvious is that the width of our main content area has expanded, and some images are changing to accommodate that. Please excuse the odd proportions for another day or two while I’m waiting to have access to my desktop – this week’s graphics were brought to you with the power of my cell phone! I promise the quality will greatly improve once I have Photoshop again. Thanks very much for your patience!

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Almanac Reference: Chugan

The second page of Feathers and Frost is up. Winter makes his appearance and nothing will be the same.

Only two days to Balticon. Brit and I are attending. We’ll have a table in the dealers room, where we will have promo books and some of the cutest buttons you’ve ever seen. I’ll be on a panel on Friday night at 7 pm to discuss making a graphic novel web comic. Please stop by if you’re attending.

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This week the Almanac discusses the Victualers’ Guild. The Harp and Trumpet is part of the guild, as are all the saloons in town.

Brittany and I are attending Balticon this weekend. We are sharing a table with Jen Zyren Smith of LaSalle’s Legacy.  We’ll have cards books, and our latest creation – 8 different buttons based off the characters in Snow by Night.  They are really sharp. So stop by and say hello!

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Almanac References: Father Winter, Hot Toddy

This week, I’m posting the first page of the vignette Feathers and Frost. Vignettes are short stories set in the world of Snow by Night. They’re designed to tell stories that are outside the main narrative  but have an impact upon the story. Also, they give me an opportunity to work with guestartists. This vignette is illustrated by Eric Schneider of Graphichive. I chose him for this project because he is excellent with animals and birds, which figure prominently in this story. He is a joy to work with and his creations are breathtaking.


Almanac – Guilds

May 15th, 2011

This week I’m switching gears on the Almanac entry from geography to commerce so that I can give the Guilds some much needed attention. These organizations dominate trade and industry in the colony of Aradie. Guild marques have appeared in the backgrounds of several pages in Chapter 1 and we’ll see more of them in Chapter 2.

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Chapter 1 Page 28

May 10th, 2011

Page 28 is up and that completes Chapter 1. I already have Brittany hard at work on Chapter 2, which is titled “The Trap.” In this chapter, we meet the dreaded Cienan and possibly find out who is behind the mysterious thefts. It’s going to be a great chapter, and I want to share it with you as quickly as possible. So we’re going to two pages a week when we start posting it on July 4. Our update schedule will be a page on Monday, another on Wednesday, and an Almanac entry on Friday.

So what do I have planned for the interim? Great stuff.  Starting next week, I have a 7-page vignette written by me and illustrated by the incredibly talented Eric Schneider. These vignettes (I’ll have one after each chapter) tell stories that relate to the main narrative. I get to explore other characters as well as some of the history and legends of Corthis (the world of Snow by Night).  And yes, it will have bearing on the main plot.

Eric Schneider’s art is… wow. Just wow. A preview of this incredible page 1 is our voting incentive on Top Web Comics. Give Snow by Night a vote and see what’s coming.

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Almanac – Everique

May 8th, 2011

This week’s Almanac entry is Everique – the new world. It’s under the Continents section of Places. This is the continent of Aradie and Sherbourg. It is a rich and fertile land, but it is also wild and dangerous.

Brittany and I are attending Balticon at the end of the month – May 27-30. If you’re attending, please come by and say hello. If you’re not attending, you should consider it. They have a great line-up of guests.

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