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Chapter 1 Page 28

May 10th, 2011

Page 28 is up and that completes Chapter 1. I already have Brittany hard at work on Chapter 2, which is titled “The Trap.” In this chapter, we meet the dreaded Cienan and possibly find out who is behind the mysterious thefts. It’s going to be a great chapter, and I want to share it with you as quickly as possible. So we’re going to two pages a week when we start posting it on July 4. Our update schedule will be a page on Monday, another on Wednesday, and an Almanac entry on Friday.

So what do I have planned for the interim? Great stuff.  Starting next week, I have a 7-page vignette written by me and illustrated by the incredibly talented Eric Schneider. These vignettes (I’ll have one after each chapter) tell stories that relate to the main narrative. I get to explore other characters as well as some of the history and legends of Corthis (the world of Snow by Night).  And yes, it will have bearing on the main plot.

Eric Schneider’s art is… wow. Just wow. A preview of this incredible page 1 is our voting incentive on Top Web Comics. Give Snow by Night a vote and see what’s coming.

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