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January 5th, 2011

As you have probably noticed, the new year brings a new website for Snow by Night. The beautiful revised design is the creation of Diane Hazlett – our new webmaster. When Diane joined my team in December, I asked her to give the website a facelift. I wanted the new site to  (1) be accessible by the widest variety of devices possible, (2) load quickly, and (3) be easily to navigate. I think she’s succeeded admirably.

The new story pages are resized for easy loading, and they come with navigational controls at the bottom. She added in a Table of Contents to help readers sort through the different chapters as we continue to add more pages. The new journal page allows for comments without needing to know to click on the headline and I love the color scheme. The Almanac page is now set up for me to add more information about the world. She also added a Links page with links to other websites we enjoy and banners for others to link to us. Even the background got a make-over to a simpler graphic that loads faster and is easier on the eye.

We’ll continue to make more changes to the website as we grow. I’ve got several plans that will keep Diane busy.

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