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Chapter 18 Scene 2 Next Week!

December 14th, 2018

Hello everyone!

God have mercy, it’s been a wild and woolly month. Everyone’s been sick! My wife had bronchitis followed by pneumonia so bad she was in the hospital. No sooner did she get out then my daughter got the flu that blossomed into mild pneumonia. Once we stated getting that under control my wife got a sinus infection that laid her out.

But everyone’s better now. I think. Knock on wood. Cross your fingers.

Scene 2, which is 4 pages long, is getting prepped now. Steph is coloring the last two pages. My goal is to have them out next week right before the holidays (or after if you celebrate Chanukah).

Till then, have a Holly Jolly time!



    Sneezin’s Greetings @_@
    Glad everyone is better, wow.


    Tis the season for being sick. Hope everyone recovers and Happy Holidays to you!

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