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Chapter 17 Page 19

June 18th, 2018

Chapter 17, Page 19 is up! Enjoy!

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    I distinctly remember a visit to a castle in Germany or Austria (ok, not that distinctly, I guess) and having it explained that the cross piece on the boar hunting spear was to inhibit the boar from just charging up the spear and killing you anyway even though the spear was penetrating the boar’s body. Shudder.


    Knights who say Ho! (Very nearly as feared as the Knights who say Ni!)


    Honey badger laughs at boar spears.

    Introverted Chaos

    I like as well the use of polearms and armor in a colonial setting. A lot of modern audiences seem to assume that melee weapons and plate armor were quickly phased out following the advent of musketry, but pikes, halberds, and similar polearms in particular continued to play major roles in infantry combat for centuries afterward. Excellent world-building detail.

      The French had polearms at Ticonderoga (our inspiration) and you can read more about they’re use here. They were mostly decorative at this point, but we decided to make them into elite chimera-slaying bad-asses!

        Rose Embolism

        And having to defend against claws and teeth means there’s a role for armor even in a world with musket balls. Neat!

        Of course now I’m thinking that if it’s mainly to defend against being chewed on, there might be justification for the normally silly spiky armor of fantasy. Of course real armor still looks better to me…


    Well done on the spears and the use for boar hunting. As well as the brass being a weakness against their hides.


      Wait, what makes brass better than say steel?


        I don’t want to make too make too many assumptions about the author’s world, but in mythology, and other magical rituals. Certain metals are banes against certain creatures. Jade is supposed to be a bane in certain Asian cultures against oni/demons. Cold Iron is against fey creatures in many folklore. Silver is a bane against Lycanthrops. Lead neutralizes magic, gold empowers, Brass can be used as substitute for gold, but is often used in many ritual items and considered to drive off or cleanse out energy. Copper is often used to direct energy in rituals as it acts as conductor or to channel. So maybe it is Brass because or some lore related fact we don’t know or it is just what the creator chose because reasons.

          You hit the reason that I picked brass in your comment. It cleanses out unclean energy and eliminates toxins from the body. Chimera are unnatural warped things. Almost the definition of unclean.

          Jim Baerg

          Shouldn’t people shoot brass bullets at Chimera then?

          Probably, but brass is expensive compared to lead.


          As I recall, silver is also considered to be baneful against vampires and other undead, the most likely reason being that silver is thought to be a pure and holy metal, anathema to anything corrupt, unclean or wicked (ie. the undead). It’s similar to the idea that flowing water was also dangerous to vampires, the idea being that the water would wash away the vampire’s evil and uncleanliness…and as the vampire was inseparable from its evil, the vampire would be washed away along with it.

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