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Chapter 16 Page 15

November 29th, 2017

Chapter 16 Page 15

Vivienne is all kinds of done. And in times of stress, she falls back on her class rank authority. See bad choices in action when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

Volume 3 Kickstarter ends tomorrow! We’re about $2k from our goal. Help us reach it and you’ll get great books and lots of bonus rewards! Thank you so much to all my backers! You’re going to love this book. It’s 180 pages of awesome!




    So much passion in anger and love…
    … a veritable emotional banquet for Talons-that-seek!

    Viv attempting to order Jassart, that however… won’t end well. “Now I speak as your ruler”. Yea. For that alone she deserves to be burned.


    Looks like the Kickstarter was a success, barely! As I type this, it’s $14 above the threshold, with just six hours to go. I’m glad it worked out. I couldn’t justify backing it myself, unfortunately, but I did mention it on forums to get you some new last minute readers and perhaps they helped make a difference. :)


    Welp, it’s been real, Viv….


    Um. Am I the only person who’s totally rooting for Jassart here? -_-

    I mean, he’s only gotten hotter since well, he got hotter. XD


      @ Jo: I get what you mean. I mean, he does really fucked up stuff, but he kind of follows his own moral code…sorta? And using rank instead of logic is seriously awful. He’s an interesting character. Could go either good or bad. He’s clearly lacking in good role models.


      He’s my favourite character, so I’m always rooting for him to stay alive as long as possible (I’m entirely convinced he’ll die at the end, though! :D). Also, even though he’s not a good person, out of the ones present in this scene he’s the one I find the most sympathetic!


      No, I don’t really root for him here. I don’t exactly hate him, he had some tough shit and injustice happen to him and he maybe could morph into a nice guy under the right circumstances, but having seen injustice so far hasn’t made him seek justice for himself, but lash out against everyone at a whim and using it as an excuse to act as a selfish asshole. Viv is totally the reasonable one here, while Jassart is behaving reckless to bond with that dangerous spirit and release it just like that. Of course, Viv handles the situation poorly, too, pulling the authority card in this discussion is just the thing that will make Jassart lash out against her. I fear we will see him pulling a full Annakin Skywalker fall into darkness now (or in this case rather into fire).


    And if there’s anything we know Jassart HATES with a passion, it’s people using their class to order him around!


    Yeah, this’ll end well.




    I’m going to like the way this ends, am I? For some reason, I don’t hold out much hope that Jassart will stop being a tool and heed sage advice.

    The Shadow

    Yikes. I’m starting to wonder if Viv will survive this.

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