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Chapter 8 Page 19

February 17th, 2014

Jassart squanders his chance to get the aether on Chapter 8 Page 19. Poor Jassart. He put a human life before aether. Bertrande does not approve. To see a hint of what happens to Jassart next, please vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

It’s been a busy week in the press department. Two Geeks Talking has uploaded our interview from last Saturday. Kurt asks us all sorts of questions about Snow by Night and webcomics. There’s a spoiler section at the end where Brittany and I give away far too much of what we have in store. And Brittany was interviewed by Katsucon, while she was in the Artist Alley. She does a great job representing us. Way to go, Brittany!

Art Contest! Two weeks to go. Cash prizes to the winners. Glory and honor to all who enter.



    oohhh nooo, she was killed by what she loved most!

    a wooden beam!!


    I’m a little disappointed that it looks like Jassart is actually abandoning Bertrande D: I mean he is a bum, and Bertrande didn’t impress me trying to kill Snow, but I still don’t want her dying! T_T


      He stayed until the gunpowder barrels were about to blow. Staying any further would just mean dying pointlessly.

      Staying that long was pretty courageous. Not many would have.


    okay I keep coming back to oogle this page xD I really love the shading on it~ the blue/purple gradient effect just looks super cool and eye catching~ /dreamysigh


    Karma-riffic explosion in 3… 2… 1…


    Bertrande asked Jassart three times before he stopped trying to save her. That’s as much as you could expect from anyone in a burning building.


    No regrets, Bertrande.


    Selfish people don’t stay that long to help someone. Notice that Jassart actually kept trying instead of taking the aether. Which is what he would have done if he was motivated solely by greed.

      Elsa Helsing

      I guess that plague won’t be cured after all.


      Wow, he did one slightly unselfish thing, sort of, in a split-second moment of panic. That totally cancels out the entire lifetime of previous completely selfish behavior.


    Goodbye Bertrande, you were an awesome character.


    The dramatic romance is palpable. I’m really enjoying the writing in this comic. Have I mentioned that before? :P

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