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Chapter 16 Page 9

November 8th, 2017

Chapter 16 Page 9

Second Sight is a powerful ability, but it tends to freak people out. Also, Mathilde LOVES¬†double entendre. Next week we’re back to Jassart and Vivienne who find something in the caves. See what they find when you vote for Snow by Night on Top Web Comics.

The Volume 3 Kickstarter is going strong! We passed the quarter-way mark yesterday. Thank you everyone! If you can, please help spread the word about our Kickstarter. As a small indie publisher, word of mouth is our best marketing!

I’m posting Page 13 to the Patreon today! They’re two weeks ahead of what goes up the website. Please consider joining our Patreon for early access to awesome pages and to help me pay the artists!

Tomorrow, Steph and I head to Albuquerque for Indigenous Comic Con where we’re sponsors! This is a fantastic convention for Native American voices, artists, and creators! We’re proud to be a part of it and help support the community.



    As someone who has worked the metaphysical and seen strange stuff before you see all sort of weird things when you work in health care long enough. Well done on the way you presented it, and how weird and awkward it can be to experience.

    I used to work in assisted living, and my resident was dying there was little girl in her room who was talking to her I thought it was her grandchild, she introduced me to the kid. I thought nothing of, the family comes back from discussing things with our nurse, and I inform them the child and the name and they just to let us know in advance if they are bringing anymore kids. The son looks at me strange, and asks what did the kid look like gave a description. He pales, turns out the kid I saw was his older sister who died at eight years old. The resident died four hours later.


      It always surprises me on these stories how the unknown person – the little girl in this case – can be described so perfectly they recognize him as someone who died long ago. But maybe I’m just bad at recognizing people by description.

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